Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Roman Civil War - starter battle

This was a simple game representing a Roman civil wars battle using Sword & Spear rules.

Bill has a load of Romans, but so far no opposition. So we split his Roman forces into Red and Blue for a civil war battle.

We played the game diagonally across the table.

The Red forces are deployed outside the fort in the corner ready to defend it against the attacking Blue forces.

On the far side the Auxiliaries and Cavalry forces approach each other. The Red cavalry units are in a line while the Blue cavalry units are still in a column.

As a result the first combat was between one unit of Blue cavalry and two units of Red cavalry which the Reds won.

Auxiliary infantry met in combat. At the same time the Red cavalry hit the second unit of Blue cavalry and soon routed them.

One unit of Red cavalry broke through and threatened the flank of the Blue advance.
In the top right corner, the Red cavalry break through and threaten the Blues' flank.

Blue Legionaries managed to turn to meet the cavalry on their flank and it all got a bit hectic in the centre with Red forces approaching on two sides..

A success for the Blue forces as the Red cavalry charged a unit of Legionaries and a Bolt Shooter and lost the combat.

However it wasn't enough to save the Blue forces who were now out of position to stop the Red advance.

We both enjoyed the game. Sword & Spear are great rules.

The Bolt Shooters didn’t score a hit all game. The only time they contributed to a success was in the melee at the end. Next time we might try treating the targets of Bolt Shooters as "Lacking Protection" instead of just "Ignores Armour".

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