Monday, 27 February 2017

Arnhem The battle in the town September 19th

This 20mm Rapid Fire game represents the attempt by the British Airborne to break through to the Arnhem bridge along the Utrecthseweg. Historically this ended disastrously for the British and was the final attempt to break through to the bridge.

The full table layout 

Under cover of darkness the South Staffords advanced up the main street.

 The South Staffords come under heavy fire and suffered heavy casualties. They fought their way into the Arnhem museum.

 The 11th Para move up the street in support.

The German SP Flak block the Airborne advance. The Quad 20mm caused a lot of casualties amongst the advancing airborne troops.

 The German Assault gun unit arrive and things get desperate for the British.

The Airborne duel with the Stugs and come off second best.

 The SS troops counter attack to retake the Museum

The battle for the Museum 

The Stugs bombard the Museum and the Airborne are finally defeated.

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