Sunday, 27 May 2018

Sassanid Persians and Romans with Sword and Spear

Finally blew the dust of my 10mm Late Romans and Sassanid armies for a game of Sword and Spear at the club last Friday. The rules worked very well and we had a fun game. Despite early success for the Sassanids it ended up quite a close fought game.

It started well for me with the Sassanids. In the first turn Mark advanced his light cavalry in front of my cavalry, then, after I activated them he said "Oh, have they got bows?". Javelins vs bows at long range never goes well, I rolled lucky dice and...dead light cavalry. It went on from there until the Romans finally got their heavy infantry into play. They proved a tough nut to crack. Eventually, with losses mounting on both sides, the Sassanid cavalry broke through at the end of the Roman line and went through onto the camp. That was enough to push the Romans over their break point.

 The Roman army viewed form the Sassanid side.

 And the Sassinds from the Roman perspective.

 The Sassanid cavalry flank.

 Roman heavy infantry massed in the centre.

 The Sassanid cataphracts run into the infantry reserve, after routing a unit of Roman cavalry.

 Sassanid cavalry start to outflank the Roman line.

 The Roman losses after turn 3.

The Sassanid losses at the same time.

Other games that night, a 15mm AWI game using Black Powder.

Two Warmaster 40K games.

A WW2 game using Chain of Command.

The Germans queue up to make use of the out house.

Another WW2 Chain of Command game, this time set in the Far East.