Friday, 13 October 2017

Memorial Evening 2017, another Dragon Rampant Mash-Up

Tring Wargames Club Memorial Evening – to celebrate the memory of members past.

For this year's Memorial Evening, on Friday 6th October, we had a Dragon Rampant Mash-Up similar to last year, but with even more players this time.
We were pleased that Chris's family called in to see the game and have a chat.

The Dragon Rampant game was a simple scenario.

Eleven players took part, each with their own retinue, starting all round the large table.
The objective was to get the treasure from the base of the monument in the centre and exit the table with it.
The players start to assemble.
The monument has yet to appear on the central hill.

The treasure lies beneath the monument.

The retinues were many and varied.
Alan's T.Rex.

Jim's Undead

Various beasties

Graham's Serpent like single model units saved space on a packed table.

Attacks were banned for the first move to get things moving towards the objective. However it wasn't long before petty squabbles broke out between neighbouring retinues after that.
At the edge of table - Colin and Keiron totally ignoring the objective.

...and on Keiron's other side he and Neville come to blows.

Ian's riders round the hill to face Alan's monsters.

Ian R's infantry managed to mount the large hill with the monument.
Ian's infantry get onto the hill and head for the treasure
in the base of the monument.

As they grabbed the gold and try to make their escape, they were befuddled by someone (he he).
Ian's infantry grab the treasure but Colin's Spellcaster unit Befuddles them.
Neville's riders are ready to pounce on any opportunity.

Ian's infantry manage to break away from the hill and head for home with the treasure only to shot up by Keiron's missile troops and they routed leaving the treasure abandoned.
Horsemen and warbeasts battle over the monument hill trying to reach the treasure.

Neville's riders grabbed the treasure and made a bolt back to the table edge.

But they had a tough task doing that being somewhat surrounded, and Henry's Summoner suddenly popping units up as if out of the ground.
The riders with the treasure are at the foot of the hill and surrounded.

At the end of the evening some wandering halflings came across the treasure and wandered off with it, probably not knowing what it was, or perhaps what was round the corner.

Another fun game with everyone involved. Having these Memorial Evenings is a great way to remember missing friends.

Dragon Rampant rules were written by Dan Mersey, published by Osprey, and are widely available.


  1. What a great looking game! We often play DR at club games too.

    What rules do you use for player activation with so many playing?

    1. Thanks.
      We roll 2d6 to see who starts each turn and then go round the table. Any wooden spoons you can see in some pictures mark the start point and current player for that turn. That randomises the start point but not the order of play. Hadn't thought about that.
      Actually once things got going we had two start points opposite each other to keep things moving faster. That worked OK but could be difficult if people were taking it too seriously.

    2. We tried it today by dealing a hand of 1 card to each player and playing in that order. We used only a single suit so there were no ties. Worked pretty well and very easy to keep track of

    3. Good idea. No having to roll off equal scores you get with dice, and you've got your order of play right there. Like it.