Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Western Gunfight 2!

An alternative view of the action!

The Kidnap of the Bank Manager in Grahamtown

This game was played on 21 July 2017, using Graham’s scenario and his homebuilt rules.
A few pictures depict the action:-

Mark and Alan were both running Mexican bandido gangs, but in a spirit of total lack of cooperation, they quickly started a duel which lasted the entire battle and spelt doom for both sides. Here, Alan’s gang are headed by Vittorio in the centre and Esmeralda, his sidekick; both Vittorio and Esmeralda already have wound markers, and only Esmeralda will survive the battle.  Meanwhile, the henchman Il Brutto fends off a long range attack from Colin’s faction of armed hookers.  Colin’s shooting was phenomenal throughout; his faction accounted for no less than four of Alan’s alone, and also succeeded in holding off both Graham and Bill.

Mark’s bandidos duel with Alan’s, from the other end of the alleys off Main St.  At this point in the fight, Mark’s gang boss has run out into the middle of the street to get a clear shot at Esmeralda, and then fumbled his weapon. Unsurprisingly, Esmeralda took exception to this behaviour, and promptly shot him down.

Another view of Mark’s gang boss, standing alone in Main St outside the Chinese laundry. This end of Main St itself saw very little action until late in the battle;  Mark and Alan’s bandidos were busy duelling in the alleyways on one side, and Mark and Bill on the other.

Here you can see one of Mark’s minions attempting to sneak into a firing position against Bill’s faction.

Meanwhile, at the other end of town, Bill and Graham’s gangs are shooting it out across the side street, near the undertaker’s.

Colin and Bill’s gangs also got into a fire-fight across Main St, by the hotel. Almost incredibly, a couple continued to pose for a portrait photo throughout the battle, despite the bullets whistling by their ears. You can just see one of Colin’s gang in the hotel doorway, using the couple as human shields.

At last the stage arrived, bringing the banker into town. By this time, there weren’t many left of each faction to do much about it. Bill’s gang got the drop on Colin and Graham though, and almost the only figure still standing managed to hold up the stage driver and “persuade” him to drive off the table, for a convincing win.

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