Monday, 1 May 2017

First Time with The Men Who Would Be Kings

I ran an introductory evening of Osprey's Colonial Rules, "The Men Who Would Be Kings" last Friday. Here is Bill's impression of his first game.

Hi All,

On Friday the 21st of April I played my first game of “The Men Who Would Be Kings”. Thinking out of the box Graham put together a great scenario, which was a lot of fun to play. It was based on an American / Canadian cross border conflict, complete with a winter landscape, in the 1920’s, which was great fun. Like most of the rule sets which are produced by Osprey, TMWWBK are quick to learn and are very playable. We were able to get two games in the evening, playing each side in turn.
Thanks again Graham for a couple of great games

                                 The table with 4 objective markers along the stream.

American BAR team take cover in the rocks.

                  The situation at the end of the first game - not many Canadians left on the table!

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