Saturday, 10 December 2016

D-Day +2, Norrey and Putot

At our Games Day on 26th November 2016,  We put on a large Rapid Fire game set in Normandy.

D-Day +2, 8th June 1944
After landing at Juno Beach the Canadians 3rd Division moved inland towards its objective of Capriquet Airfield. Whist moving forward and occupying the villages of Bretteville and Putot the Canadians were attacked by the recently arrived 12th SS Panzer Division. The game was based on the fighting that took place on the 8th of June.

The Germans were played by Mark and Colin. The Canadians by Henry and Graham. Ian Willer umpired.

The Germans plan was for the 12th SS Recce Battalion to attack Norrey. The 1st Battalion 26th SS Panzer Grenadiers attacked Cardonville and the 2nd Battalion attacked Putot.
The Canadians plan was for the Regina Rifles to defend Norrey and Bretteville and the Royal Winnipeg Rifles to defend Putot and Cardonville.

The Recce Battalion attacked Norrey and destroyed the two Companies defending the village. However the Canadian artillery and Mortars weakened the Recce unit.

The M10 of the 3rd AT regiment moved to counter attack the Recce Battalion and KO'd  the Sdkfz 232 and Sdkfz 251/9 which led to the rout of the SS Recce Battalion.

The 2nd Battalion moved against Putot and Cardonville.

With some support from 1st battalion, the 2nd battalion engaged and destroyed the two Canadian companies defending the village of Cardonville adjacent to the railway line.
At the same time, 2 companies of the 2nd battalion climbed up onto the far side of the railway embankment to face the larger town Putot behind.

However when the 2nd Battalion raised the embankment the Winnipeg Rifles were waiting and soon caused enough casualties on the Germans to rout the 2nd Battalion.

On move 6 both sides reinforcements arrived. A Company of Panthers for the Germans and a Squadron of Sherman's for the Canadians.

With the help of the M10 the Panthers were destroyed and along with a company of the Regina Rifles the Canadians counter-attacked Norrey.

Elements of the 1st battalion attacked Cardonville with Flamethrowers and forced the Canadians to abandoned the village. The Winnipeg rifles survived two morale throws.

However after 15 moves with two battalion routed and their armour destroyed. The Germans were defeated.

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