Monday, 10 October 2016

Games Day 8/10/2016 and Soldiers Of God Battle Report

Making our battle plans. Left to right:
Chris, Mark, Keiron, Ian, Bill, Henry, Graham and me taking the photo.

We had two large games at the Games Day in October.
One was a Crusades game using Soldiers Of God rules by Warwick Kinrade.
The other was a Black Powder Napoleonic game.

Soldiers Of God Game.

Mark and I played the Crusaders on the left in the photo below and we chose a Left Echelon Attack Battle Plan (Charge, March, Loose).
Graham and Henry chose a Right Echelon Attack for the Saracens (Loose, March, Charge).
So there was going to be a big melee at one end of the table and much pinging of arrows, bolts and javelins at the other.

Graham points to a unit that will probably do nothing all game

Early on the Crusader made use of Move and Charge cards to advance the mounted knights on their left.
Crusader Knights advance

The Saracens facing them advanced a little way then held back.
Saracen horsemen advance cautiously.

On the Crusader right, the Saracen skirmishers advanced onto the waiting Crusader Archers and Crossbowmen.

An overview of the positions so far with the skirmishing missile troops at this end the charging horsemen at the other.
Overview of the Crusades battle with the Napoleonic battle going on behind.

At first the Crusader missile troops held off the Saracen light horse but their foot archers were also brought up and the Crusader Crossbow unit on the right wing routed creating a gap.
The Crusader Crossbowmen on the right flank break

The Crusader mounted Men-At-Arms were the first of the cavalry to hit the Saracens. The slower mounted knights had fallen behind and the Men-At-Arms soon routed.
Crusader Men-At-Arms hit the Saracens in the Ghulams but come off worst.

The Mounted Knights then made contact and had the upper hand.

However at the other end the Saracen’s were making good use of their skirmishers and flowed through the gap on the Crusader right.
The Crusader Archers were the next to rout

This ended in a massacre of that wing including the Commander. The Saracens were then in a position to take the Crusader centre from right and front when the game ended with the Crusader Army Morale at -2

Battle of Borodino using Black Powder rules

Based on The Battle of Borodino, 7th September 1812. The French are attacking the Russians around the village of Borodino. In the centre is the large Raevsky redoubt and at the far end are the Bagration flèches.

French attacking the Russian's Bagration flèches. These were earthworks named after Pyotr Bagration who ordered their construction to protect the Russian left flank.

French attacks going in all along the front.

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