Sunday, 4 September 2016


Alan has been working on some modern British.

Here's a pic of some modern British I am just finishing up - a couple of Mastiff MRAPs, a Jackal DPV, and assorted infantry figures, some in Osprey armour and some in ballistic vests so I can use them for different periods, all in 20mm. As you can see, the figures on the left haven't received their "gravel and grass tufts" ground cover yet.

The Jackal is from S&S, and the infantry are a mix of figures from S&S and Elheim. The Mastiff MRAPs are solid resin models of unknown make; their BAR armour required several experiments in shading to get it looking "hollow". These patrol vehicles will supplement some "Snatch" Land Rovers, Warrior APCs and a Challenger tank, already painted, but which I don't always want to deploy, in order to give the "bad guys" a chance.

One of the hardest jobs in painting modern infantry is getting the camouflage uniforms to look right, while keeping each figure an individual, and the figures were painted while relying heavily on the superbly detailed photos in Craig Allen's excellent book, "With the Paras in Helmand - A Photographic Diary". The figures include a variety of poses armed with SA-80s, some with GLs, AT-4's, GPMG's, FN Minimi's and combat shotguns, sniper and FOO teams, a medic, and support weapons including heavy MG's and Javelin missiles. Not shown, I also have various calibres of mortar, a GMG, and dog handler teams.
Here's a close up of the medic with a landrover.

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