Sunday, 8 May 2016

Lion Rampant League, Round 3 - Battle Report

Islemen Archers defend the supplies. 
Last Friday Graham and I played our Round 3 game in the Lion Rampant League being played at the club this year.
More details about the League can be found on our website.
The Lion Rampant rules are written by Daniel Mersey and published by Osprey.

We were playing Scenario F: Sausages With Mustard. I was the defender, using my Islemen retinue, and Graham attacked with his Scottish retinue. In this scenario there are 4 objective markers (in the form of supplies) placed around the central deployment zone and the attacker has to try to set fire to them.

For the initial deployment the defender can place up to 4 points of units in the central deployment zone, and all remaining units deploy at opposite ends of the table. I placed my unit of Islemen Archers in the central deployment zone to try to hold off the attackers until some more of my units arrived.
At this end are my remaining Islemen units: two units of Foot Men-At-Arms and two units of Fierce Foot.
At the far end are Graham's Scottish horde: One Foot Men-At-Arms, three units of Foot Serjeants, one unit of Fierce Foot and one unit of Bidowers.
Initial deployment with a single unit of Archers occupying the central deployment zone.
The remaining units deploy at opposite ends of the table.

As the Scottish attackers approached the Ilsemen's Archers tried to defend the two front-line supply dumps. They moved onto the left-hand supply dump to defend it in close combat if necessary, while they could also loose arrows at attackers approaching the right-hand supplies.
Sorry about the picture quality. I think my camera batteries were low.
Archers trying to hold two objectives against two units of Foot Serjeants.

One unit of Scottish Foot Serjeants managed to set fire to the right-hand supply dump before defending reinforcements turned up. The Archers were pushed off the other supply dump but managed to push back the unit that attacked it before the supplies were set on fire.
Defending Men-At-Arms turn up, but too late to prevent one fire being set.

A unit of Scottish Fierce Foot broke through in the centre to try to drive off the Archers and a unit of Islemen Men-At-Arms tried to intercept them,
A unit of Scottish Fierce Foot broke through the centre.

...but the Men-At-Arms were too slow and the Archers were routed as the outraged Men-At-Arms looked on.
The Scottish Fierce Foot make contact and break the Archers.

In the centre the Islemen Men-At-Arms charge the Fierce Foot and finish them off. However a fresh unit of Scottish Men-At-Arms are now closing on them.
On my left, another unit of Islemen Men-At-Arms face off one unit of Scottish Serjeants, but on my right another Scottish Serjeants unit sneaks round to approach a supply dump at the rear.
In the centre Islemen Men-At-Arms finish off the Fierce Foot

"Where are the rest of the Islemen units", I hear you cry. Good question.
One unit of Islemen Fierce Foot on my left (far side) got caught up with a unit of Scottish Bidowers in the woods.
Diminished units of Islemen Men-At-Arms try to hold off the attackers,
while skirmishing goes on in the woods.

On my right flank, the other unit of Islemen Fierce Foot were rather late to arrive. In the centre the Islemen Men-At-Arms are doing some damage to the Scottish, but are fighting a losing battle.
Late to arrive, the last unit of Islemen Fierce Foot turn up.

Suddenly both sides lost their leaders and were reduced to less than half their retinue size, so several Courage Tests were required. In the end one unit of Islemen Fierce Foot faced two Scottish units but were quickly beaten off leaving the Scottish to plunder and burn at will.
The Scottish plunder and burn at will.

Good clean fun. This was the first league game in the 3rd round to be played.
Sorry again about the picture quality.

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